Monday, April 9, 2012

Yet another tech question:)

So I have been searching around for a slackware distro that has a light weight windowing interface like openbox or fluxbox and they do exist. Salix comes close but using flux and would like to try openbox instead. The real kicker is that they are all for X86-32. I have AMD64 system with 6 gigs of ram so I generally run a X86-64 bit system, Debian Sid at the moment.

Another consideration however is that I will have a need for skype soon and it appears that skype just sucks on 64 bit, the binaries are still 32 bit and getting it to work can be a pain. So I am considering just going with a 32 bit slack and use the PAE extensions for memory management.

So does anyone out there have experience they would like to share on either running skype on 64 bit or running 32 bit Linux with PAE?

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