Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ubuntu is not cool

I think I am going to stop using any Ubuntu based distro, currently I am running Kubuntu. I used to love Ubuntu back in the day. Circa 2007-2008 it was the best Linux distro around. Then bad things started to happen. One is little by little Canonical the company that sponsors and develops Ubuntu stopping making any mention of Linux and started taking credit for nearly everything in Ubuntu. For those that don't understand, Ubuntu is basically a repackaged version of Debian Linux and a few added extras such as scripted proprietary driver installation and 3rd party application repositories. The point is, over 99% of the code in Ubuntu is not written or maintained by the Ubuntu developers. They repackage and add some fluff that's it. This attitude of claiming everything is very reminiscent of another distro that gladly no longer exists, Linspire, aka Lindows. Ubuntu has gone so far as to call the kernel in the release notes as the Ubuntu kernel! Yeah, millions of lines of code written over 20 years and not one line of it written by Ubuntu but hey its the “Ubuntu Kernel”!
The other aspect indicating something had gone horribly wrong is the progressive dumbing down of linux by Ubuntu such as the removal of the control alt backspace command to restart the x server. There are several more of these condescending and annoying paper cuts. The last thing in all fairness is not entirely Ubuntu's fault and that is the desktop interface. Ubuntu had used the Gnome interface, a plain simple easy to use GUI that got the job done while mostly staying out of my way. Then one day back in 2009 the Gnome developers dropped some really bad acid and never came down. The new Gnome 3 or Gnome Shell interface was a harbinger of things to come, ie Windows 8! It is a disaster of a desktop interface that has been nearly universally reviled by all. The Gnome developers however are suffering from the confirmation bias born of living in an echo chamber filled with like minded condescending arrogant assholes who think they have created the interface for the “little people”. I sure as as hell don't think they actually use it themselves.
What makes Ubuntu at fault however is not that they refused to continue using Gnome as their default desktop, there was no other sane course of action after all. No what makes them just as much of a bunch of self deluded douche bags is that they then proceeded to make all the same mistakes as the Gnome developers. It is like watching Raelians argue with Danikists!
So some time ago I switched to Kubuntu to have a somewhat sane desktop back. However now that Arch linux has began package signing I am seriously thinking of using Arch and have both KDE desktop and Open Box installed and use Open Box most of the time. Or I just go with Slackware on all my computers!


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